I AM TRUSTWORTHY | Open minded | communicative | Organized

Open Minded. Trustworthy. Communicative. Organized. Flexible. I count myself among those people who are willing to grab new chances, to take responsibility, to keep commitments and promises, to work transparently and hard in order to achieve set goals.

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Sebastian Peneder

About Me

I am always curious, wanting to improve performances thanks to focussing on people & processes.
My heart is in IT and project management.

My Mission

There is nothing more constant than change. I do believe that you learn most in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. If you do something you’ve never done before, it will help you break out of a rut and will let your mindest grow.

My Benefit

I possess outstanding written and verbal communication and organizational skills that help me to reach consensuses and to achieve results. I have significant know-how in the areas of (international) project management, communications management and knowledge management.

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